20 min to build 1 RM deadlift
(Maximum de 8 essais et 3 min entre chaque)

Terminer avec soit
1. 7 min AMRAP ( 7 deadlift (135/95) – 14 up par dessus la barre)
2. OU
3. Not for Time (3 rounds (15 strict T2B / 45-1:00 hS hold)

team wod

Intervals on assault bike: 1:00on/3:00off

Teams of two. Both partners bike for 1:00 and accumulate cals. The winning team accumulates the most cals over 6rds. Reset bike between efforts and write scores. If there are too many people, use rowers too. Offset the start time of each team to make it work, both partners should be working at same time. Example: team 1 uses both bikes for a minute. Team 2 uses bikes for a minute while team 1 rests. Etc.

Crossfit Original
Find your 1 rep max.

Défi Crossfit
7 rounds
15- 30 double unders

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.